We invest heavily in research and development and in quality control. Optimal pre-material, innovative, automated manufacturing and assembly processes, heat treatment, corrosion protection according to latest findings, strict quality control systems and last but not least the consideration of the opinions of our customers ensure from the outset that our products meet our customers' expectations fully.


5 years on all material and production defects.

Warranty Conditions

  1. The regulated below guarantee constitutes a voluntary service of Tecnoswiss Ketten AG. The customer can take them in accordance with these terms of warranty claim. In addition to this voluntary warranty to the customer are the legal claims against the vendor to fully. The customer can make these claims, without that he needs to respect the conditions of these warranty conditions.
  2. The Tecnoswiss Ketten AG granted a right to free replacement and removal and replacement of parts that have become unusable as a result of proven material or manufacturing defect. Further claims do not exist; Maintenance work are not covered by the warranty. The claim is to be asserted by presenting the proof of purchase Tecnoswiss Ketten AG.
  3. Excluded from the guarantee are parts that have become unusable due to improper operation or repair, because of lack of maintenance or normal wear and tear (wear). For details, refer to your owner's manual. The instruction manual is an integral part of these warranty conditions. Is a prerequisite for warranty service, therefore, that the client acknowledges receipt of the instructions in writing and the information contained therein to operation, maintenance and repair scrupulously observed. Another prerequisite is that only REX original spare parts and accessories are used. In addition, all maintenance and repairs at the REX dealer must have been carried out.
  4. The warranty period is 5 years in private and also for commercial use of REX products. Your cycle starts with the first-time purchase at REX dealer. With a resale by the customer, the guarantee period is therefore not begin to run anew. When performing work under the guarantee, in particular, replacement of parts, as this triggers no new beginning of the warranty period.
  5. Tecnoswiss Ketten AG is facing due to the warranty, the delivery of spare parts is carried out as quickly as possible. A claim by the customer for immediate delivery is excluded. Therefore, a delayed delivery does not constitute a claim for damages against the Tecnoswiss Ketten AG and does not lead to the extension of the warranty period. It is expressly pointed out that legal claims for damages by the customer against the seller remain unaffected.
Tecnoswiss Ketten AG, CH-Thayngen