Extreme chain with double hexagon-structure for optimal grip on difficult terrain. Especially recommended where maximum traction is required

  • Special hardening steel for maximum hardness and tensile strength
  • The rhombus construction is completely made with strong D-shaped links´
  • Depending from customers request and type of use, this chain model is available in different wire diameters and with different types of reinforcements
    • fig. 1 – D-shaped links without reinforcement links and without welded wear bars/stamped steel claws
    • fig. 2 – D-shaped links with reinforcement links
    • fig. 3 – D-shaped links with welded wear bars and stamped steel claws

Other types which are not indicated here can also be realized on customer´s request.
Fig. 4 – connection of pattern and lateral chain by welded rings, hardened
Fig. 3 – with welded wear bars and stamped steel claws
Fig. 2 – with reinforcement links
Fig. 1 – Standard – D-shaped links