REX is your expert for professional snow- and traction chains.

Tecnoswiss Ketten AG with his brand REX is the specialist who cares only snow- and traction chains for professional applications. Our innovative, functional and, on request, tailor-made products offer the optimal solution for every application.

Inexpensive, without compromising on quality.

Our specialization in professional snow chains makes it possible. We have no other business areas to be taken in consideration from the production side which makes our production lean and efficient. In addition, the specialization has a positive impact on our administrative costs. Benefits that we pass on to you.

Made in Germany accordingly DIN ISO 9001: 2015.

All snow- and traction chains over 4,5 mm wire thickness are made in Germany accordingly to Quality Management System DIN ISO 9001:2015. This ensures a consistently high quality of our products and services.

Customer needs and customer proximity are our prime focus.

In the development and production of our professional snow chains, we attach maximum importance to the opinions of our customers . Doing so, we ensure from the beginning that our products fully meet our customers' expectations. The aim is to completely satisfy every customer by excellent products, professional service and high availability.


An independent expert , which has been commissioned by us to analyze the quality characteristics of our models REX ATE and ATS , came to the conclusion that the technically relevant minimum requirements of the recognized Austrian standard norm V 5119 : 2008 ( strengthness , material quality, impact , corrosion protection ) are exceeded substantially.

REX Product Certifications

In the product descriptions you recognize which products are Ö-Norm tested.
Quality System Certification by which REX-Chains are produced:

Quality Management System DIN ISO 9001:2015